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Ton Tut Not 03:20
Tattarrattat 01:56
Lorrol 01:22
Baue Neu Ab 02:26
Poppoppop 00:52
Rotator 02:55
Legovogel 02:07
Kelek 01:35
Toot 01:08
Radar 02:00
Murdrum 03:38
Dont Nod 03:34
Kinnikkinnik 02:48


<kat no.9>

A Study of Symmetry.

Lorrol is a collection of wanderings & sketches recorded in Munich, Germany between January and April 2020, primarily made using Lorre Mill instruments (LOR) and Sigil Instruments’ xRollz (ROL).
(xRollz is a wooden bananafied version of the Ellitone Instruments UltraRollz Farm-Detective which uses the Rolls & Ultrasound circuits by Ciat-Lonbarde/Peter Blasser.)

The Lorrol project was heavily inspired by Allieways’ Double Knot videos and her ideas of symmetrical patching & cross clocking techniques.

To continue the theme of symmetry throughout the project, palindromes were selected as track titles that best suited the overall sound and mood of each track. The idea of symmetry is also reflected through all of the artwork.

In total 42 tracks had been recorded over the 4 months. During a following period of reflection and listening some of these were combined to form something new, while some others were slightly edited and, with the aid of BJC, were curated into a collection of 18.

BJCs’ first listen track notes for the chosen 18 were as follows;

listening / sequencing notes BC 280620

(14) So Lost Solos - harmonium/reed drone fun - naive melody - folk lush, Side A opening track?
(9) Ton Tut Not - crunch klick intro drone - then bass melody rhythm bumps - then hi quick tumbles - hi crystal stereo lead vocal style synth
(17) So Many Dynamos - dusty intro - free jazz perk + dancing hi melody
(18dk) Tattarrattat - liquid noise / chords - fuzzy drone + twinkle - driven notes, resolves well
(13) Lorrol - TITLE track - melodic soundtrack - squelches high in the mix? lots of variation and shifts in the pulse - lovely pause before low-mid groan + more percussion
(1dk_29_3ni) Baue Neu Ab - slow build - surprising lump near end before delays
(12) Poppoppop - marbles / popcorn - baby shrimp playing in bumper cars, can be edited a little shorter?
(20) Rotator- shuffling dust - warm chord slow - arp frags - animated bleep/swoon
(2dk) Never Odd Or Even - glacial intro / squirts / stereo wide split / creeps flutters


(16) Legovogel - grainy bed with fizz + beep -
(6_25_3dk) Kelek - dark ripper intro - switch to deft quirk beat, START SIDE B?
(27_23) If I Had A HiFi - dry splat per / slow drone build / morse + grind pitched
(10) Toot - mod drone + morse - confrontationally flat - hi noise melodic support compliment - unfinished?
(33) Radar - fuzz blast willow modulations / panic tension / HOT / abrupt end
(22) Murdrum - stereo swarm / juggle frag / tone blip / bell like vibes
(21) Nie Setzt Es Ein - warm wobble drone / ripklix / slopulses / note changes
(32_35_1) Don't Nod - granular trickle / sad whale / screw pops / Kik SNARE snap / bass twizt / soft key arp dances +
knot mangles /
(4) KinnikKinnik - hi whizz to bounce per staccato / some close to DOOF, stereo synth work pleasing / soothes contrast to firm percussion - EurAsia folktronics - shepard song for the watcher of electric sheep


Some keywords from unused tracks include: whine, rhythmic dissonance, agitated exchange, crispy derp, splurge, twisted melting glass burble, atonal dynamism, wooly howl, interference, surges & seasick swoon.


released August 14, 2020


all rights reserved




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